Sable Health Reviews The Fat Diminisher System

The Fat Diminisher is an eBook written by fitness trainer and former soldier Wes Virgin, who tells the story of having stumbled upon a secret weight loss solution while serving in Iraq.

Hailed all over the internet as a powerful tool for weight loss, and affirming to be very different from all other diets and programs, the Fat Diminisher has become very popular.

"The difference between Virgin’s system and other weight loss programs is that the Fat Diminisher System is not a quick fix, nor is it a fast or temporary diet."

According to Virgin, you can quickly lose weight simply by altering your habits, in order to permanently achieve results and transform yourself into a healthier, happier person.

Virgin purports to have spent years coaching clients on the art of weight loss and to have helped over 104,000 people in 144 countries lose weight “effortlessly.” He also teaches the 7 Day Fitness routine, which he claims allows people to work out from home and lose about 5lbs per week.

A Closer Look at the Fat Diminisher System: The Nuts and Bolts

The Fat Diminisher breaks down the lifestyle changes that Virgin says are required to lose weight. Virgin says that it isn’t necessary to stop eating the foods you love, including chips, pizza and chocolate, but that you do need to include more fruits and vegetables in your diet.

He discusses the magic combination of food, vitamins and minerals, and what time of the day to consume certain foods in order to take advantage of your metabolism and its ability to help you burn fat faster.

The book offers a section on smoothie recipes, explains why everyone should eat more as opposed to less, and warns against eating processed foods. There also chapters on vegetables to avoid, the three superfoods, and “aphrodisiac sex secrets.”

The product  describes how conventional workouts and dieting do not work, and that the amount of food you need to consume on a daily basis is unique to your age, weight, height and metabolism. It claims that each individual needs a specifically tailored amount of nutrients in order to lose weight, and that you will not succeed in your weight loss goals by working with a personal trainer or dieting.

In fact, according to Wes Virgin, the entire fitness industry is determined to steal your money by making you believe that you can’t lose weight on your own.​

The product also offers details on how to improve the immune system and lower your risk of diabetes, cancer and heart disease, and advises against using medication to lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels, citing ways to essentially heal yourself.

While the Fat Diminisher doesn’t guarantee that it will work for everyone, the system is nonetheless intended for people of every ethnicity, age or gender.​

Pros and Cons of the System


  • The Fat Diminisher offers a “natural” alternative to traditional diets, without the use of diet pills, hard core workouts, or complex meal plans.
  • The system is intended to help you maintain a permanent healthy weight, as opposed to being a temporary fix, by offering insights on permanent lifestyle changes and solutions for healthier living.
  • For those who are feeling insecure about their bodies, the Fat Diminisher offers a relatively simple and efficient method of weight loss. Online testimonials claim that the system has helped people gain back confidence and sculpt the “body of their dreams”.
  • The Fat Diminisher is affordable, at a cost of only $30 for the downloadable eBook.
  • Sold by Clickbank, an ebook publisher, the Fat Diminisher also offers a 60-day money-back guarantee


  • The book is not available in a hard copy; you can only purchase it as a PDF
  • No one likes to have to modify their lifestyle, but in order to be successful with the Fat Diminisher system, that’s exactly what you’ll need to do.
  • The book is very comprehensive and complex in some areas. It is important to read through it carefully, because it’s not written in simple terms
  • The Fat Diminisher purports to help you lose 5lbs per week. While this may sound wonderful, doctors do not recommend attempting to lose more than 1-2lbs per week.

Sable Final Rating For the Fat Diminisher System: 9 /10 Stars

Losing weight is usually not a physical issue, instead it is mostly mental. You know you need do it but the mental blocks keep adding up and making it seem nearly impossible to achieve your health goals.

A system like this one fills a very critical role in your weight loss program. It acts as a guide or map and more importantly, a motivational tool. It helps to bridge the gap between the mental blocks you impose on yourself and the physical task of doing what needs to be done to get to your goal.

"Having a knowledgeable weight loss teacher right at your fingertips is incredibly valuable."

The way it is laid out helps to keep you focused on the goal and really makes it easy to see when you are on track and when you need to get back on task. Many programs run short on information, where Fat Diminisher does not.

This program packs a ton of useful information and actionable tips into an easy to follow system which makes it more likely for you to succeed.

Nobody can force you to eat right or do the exercise that is necessary to lose the weight, but this program will push you and tell you exactly what you need to do, which is why it works for so many people.

No fat loss program is perfect, but Fat Diminisher does a very good job at helping you achieve the results that may have been harder to get with other programs.

If you truly want to succeed, this program will take you there.

Sable gives this program 9 out of 10 stars, highly recommended!


Clickbank offers a 60 day money back guarantee policy if you should decide this program will not work for you.